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Patrick Zelinski and Karl Edh "Miles To Walk": Inches above the ground.

While we appreciate a good dose of melancholy and even drama in the neoclassical genre, it is a bliss to come across a composition that seems to have taken those two only to end up at something much lighter - hope and the good kind of anticipation.

Patrick Zelinksi and Karl Edh deliver just that in their recently released "Miles To Walk" - a finely arranged composition for acoustic guitar and strings, complete with a divine ambient backdrop. Taking off on finger-picked guitar, the piece gradually invites more strings - violin, cello, and another layer of guitar, specifically - to elevate the experience into a moving dance of sonic waves, intertwining ever so beautifully with each other in an effortless and masterful manner.

Take a walk in the park to the sound of this, I bet you'll rise inches above the ground:


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