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Patrick Holzkaemper "Departure": At the edge of the point of no-return.

Patrick Holzkaemper is not a name we knew until recently, but one that will definitely stick with us after listening to his well refined, cinematic neoclassical composition entitled "Departure".

Elegant and pure, the piece wanders in on a delightfully simple piano melody, which - with its lullaby element - lulls the listener into a dreamy state from the get go. Elaborating further with an intricately arranged string section, the composer manages to maintain the appeal of the music, while at the same time making it stand out as a memorable and original experience. Always a little behind, the strings seem to catch on to the piano melody in just enough time to make it - had it been the slightest later, it would all fall apart. It is almost as if the strings were trying to hold on to the present moment, while the piano bit is inevitably moving forward - a brilliant manifestation of the notion of a departure.

Risk taking is something we admire, especially when it produces such fine results as "Departure":


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