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Pascal Schumacher "Re: Sol": Vibraphone meets piano in a vividly rich neoclassical endeavor.

Pascal Schumacher was one of the artist we had the pleasure to review in the early, humble days of tumblr. Not only that, but it was the same song that won our hearts back then, which is now being re-released in a duet with a piano. For those of you unfamiliar with Pascal - he is award-winning musician and composer, his main instrument - one which you will hear shortly - vibraphone.

While the original version of "Sol" stands a star in the genre, this new rendition put together by Malakoff Kowalski on a piano gives the composition a whole new depth, accentuating the darker undertones with heaving piano notes and contrasting beautifully with a rather bright instrument, which vibraphone is. That very contrast feels however extremely natural and well balanced and for those who haven't heard the original - this will probably be the go-to version.

Enjoy the vibraphone mastery by Pascal Schumacher complete with an elegant piano touch by Malakoff Kowalski at the link below:


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