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Pascal Schumacher "Prelude to Robert M": a vibraphone masterpiece

Vibraphone musician and composer from Luxembourg, Pascal Schumacher presents “Prelude to Robert M,” with inspiration from his delve into solo work and the liberation and wisdom that come with it.

This mystical track treads lightly in its fairy-like array of crisp, sparkling notes. Each note is precisely played and intentionally chosen as to not over complicate or muddle the piece, allowing the listener to easily focus on the song elements without feeling overwhelmed. The piece is calming and gorgeous in its simplicity and unassuming nature. With its rounded softness and unbounded closeness, there is an intimacy the song captures along with a feeling of independence and self-strength. Mellowing and taming, this track will clear your mind and recenter your soul.

Listen to this glimmering piece here:


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