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Parnell March "My Piano": A sonic creature.

Australia has been on our radar for a while and that's for a good reason - the art coming out of the land down under almost every time carries a unique note, a characteristic that is comparable to the music out of Japan or Finland - something about distant countries that brings out the closeness to the universe.

Parnell March with his recently released ''My Piano'' falls right into the above description and then some. The finely produced, hypnotizing track intersects at ambient/neoclassical/experimental and stems up like a sunflower into a mesmerizing creature of its own breed. Written for keys and complete with an array of ambient sweeps and scoops in the background the music seeps into your soul one bar at a time, healing some, leaving some and just doing its thing - the creature that it is. Produced at the highest level the music captures a beautiful moment and performs a sonic dance right in front of the listener with elegance and meticulous attention to detail - love it.

Let it move the air around you:



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