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Patrick Zelinski ”Watercolor”: A Beautiful Dedication to Art and what’s Lost

Feel yourself get moved by the solemn and soothing sounds of this acoustic guitar piece. Patrick Zelinski is a Canadian guitarist/composer who has recently released a new composition called “Watercolor”. The track is a tranquil, beautiful solo guitar piece, dedicated to the composer’s father who passed away a few months ago.

Packed with devotion and dedication, this, a little less than two-minute-long guitar piece, invites the listener on a journey of nostalgia and love. The song has a beautiful solemnity around it, but at the same time a really smooth and chilling tone to it. One thing is for sure however, this song is loaded with emotion – And you can really hear that in the composer’s guitar-playing on the track. It is clear that the composer takes everything in his own pace, letting every single note ring for just the amount of time he feels like. And in doing so, I get the feeling that the composer is perhaps trying to manifest something. By taking full control over your own art, expressing yourself in crookedness and within your own frames, I would argue that you’re manifesting your own independent right to artistry in a really powerful way. I feel like that’s what the artist is doing here; Not only dedicating this beautiful guitar piece to his father, but dedicating it to all of art. To the right to express yourself, to the cleansing effect, and the solemnity that’s often connected with the term we all know and love. Long live Art, and long live this beautiful song.


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