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P H H M ''Liquescent'' - at the end of the acid trip

Drugs are bad mkaiiii. So are many other things. It's not what you do, it's why you do it, kids - remember that.

Listening to P H H M ''Liquescent'' brought back the memory of my last acid trip, or at least the very end of it. Much like my mind at that point, the music is tranquil, content and a little confused. The almost three minute long track fades in with an ambient groove while the piano slaps in gentle phrases which are as random as they are consistent. While all of it is very friendly, there's certainly an element of wickedness that's coded between the lines - a wickedness that makes itself evident in a moment of piano atonality by the end of the track.

We can't recommend doing drugs, but we can definitely recommend checking out ''Liquescent'' at the link below:


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