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Ordinary Colours "Flowers Knocked Over": A pure dose of emotion.

Ordinary Colours is a British (which one can tell by the 'u' in the colours) ambient project who has come to our attention with their recently released, transcendentally beautiful track entitled "Flowers Knocked Over".

With a rich production catching the ear from the get-go, we couldn't have but to have expectations - and oh my were they met. The tune, which features multiple layers of synth and a distant (very distant!) drum beat, is so immersive and soaked in intent, I think I just saw my spirit escape my body for a second, smile at me, then return back into this vessel of mine aka my body. With a persistent bass line in the back and a mystical, universally beautiful melody stitching the bars together and the beat creating strong feeling of anticipation - the track works like an injection of pure emotion of all kinds, something a lot of us could use.

If you happen to long to feel things, this will certainly help:


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