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Oolenoy "Shapeshifter": Ambient as a tool to promote and reinforce healthy lifestyles.

The composition titled "Shapeshifter" is written by Joshua Runyon, i.e. Oolenoy.

Oolenoy is a beautiful blend of therapeutic sounds of nature and soothing relaxing music composed by Joshua Runyon. Created using original recordings of natural environments, this project took Joshua into the woods to experience an unwavering connection with Mother Nature. While listening to harmonious natural sounds, Joshua instantly felt a decrease in his anxiety levels and a deeper familiarity with the natural world. In that moment, he felt a keen desire to create elegant musical landscapes to share with the rest of the world the feelings of optimism, focus and tranquility he experienced. Like a living thing, this soothing relaxing music is organic and breathes as an extension of nature. Use Oolenoy as a tool to promote and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. It relieves stress, fills you with motivation, optimism and calmness, allowing you to redefine your purpose and reconnect with your foundations.

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