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Olexandr Ignatov "Empathy" - the most comforting of piano pieces

Ukrainian composer, music producer, and piano artist, Olexandr Ignatov is a well-known, royalty-free music producer, who's signature are his inspirational piano pieces which seamlessly include a recent release entitled “Empathy”. 

Accurately titled, “Empathy” is a loving piece that is gentle from the start as it eases into its performance with care and caution, a true heart-opener. The lower piano notes that precede the lightly-stepping intro feel comforting and sheltering. The somber tones represent the soft, yet sad comfort of someone who hurts with you in hard times, carrying your burdens, and feeling your pain like their own. There are glistening moments of uplifting resilience and encouragement that ease into their intent and message. Warming, calming, and beautiful, this piece will be here for you when you need quiet, consoling company in the form of a musical embrace. 

Listen to this cosy track here:  


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