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Ole-Bjørn Talstad "Where Are You Now": A melancholic piano stunner

Ole-Bjørn Talstad is a Norwegian pianist/composer who's most beautiful, melancholy-infused piano endeavor entitled "Where Are You Now" we are delighted to share with you today.

Solitary, honest and content the piece presents itself with a melody that is both nostalgic and loving, grasping you right by your heart with no intent of letting go. Despite the notable undertones of sadness, the composer made sure that goodness of his intent overshadows the former, beautifying the experience with the most appealing and euphoric deviations to a major-key. Consistent and present, the piece creates a truly magical and immersive moment for the listener, leaving you humble, moved and hungry for more.

Wherever it is you are, make sure you listen to "Where Are You Now":


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