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Oded Essner ''Colors'' - an instant piano classic

A blog like our is no stranger to dreamy neoclassical piano-pieces and while we do review (with joy!) a handful of them, some of them stand out a bit more more than the others. Oded Esner's ''Colours'' is a piece that sounds like a classic in more than one ways and thus puts the artist - who with this release debuts on our blog - at the center of our radar.

''Colors'' is a piece written for piano and roots richly in popular jazz, or so it would seem at the beginning of it anyway. The pianist has the ability to be be highly elaborate while remaining very consistent, which speaks for the mastery in his fingers. While the gentle melody deviates unexpected places, those very places end up being all too familiar and homely. Effortlessly moving from one color to another, the artist doesn't only know where he's going but knows exactly how to make sure you come along.

We can't wait to hear more from Oded Essner, but for now we invite you to fall in love with this instant classic at the link below:

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