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Noah Dalsass "Sleepless, Still Dreaming": A pioneering approach to neoclassical

Italian producer Noah Dalsass with his new work "Sleepless, Still Dreaming".

The work is made in an innovative sound for the neoclassical genre, but at the same time it is structured and austere. The work fascinates with its unconventional harmonic solutions and transitions from one mood to another. In places it is tranquil and gentle, but it also has epic elements which, in my opinion, heighten the drama. The composer demonstrated his mastery of the instrument at the highest level. This composition, like any proper work of fiction, has a development. It has a prologue, an introduction, a climax and a finale.

"Sleepless, Still Dreaming" will be a real find for those who not only love neoclassical music, but also enjoy emotion.

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