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Nina Platiša "Za Klavir: No. 11": Soft, gentle piano.

Nina Platiša was born in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. She is a pianist by training and started composing music at the age of seventeen. Nina's dynamic music is emotional and introspective, covering various forms from solo piano to electro-infused soul.

Nina presents one of the compositions, number 11 "Za Klavir: No. 11" from her debut album entitled "Za Klavir: For Piano".

Gentle and relaxed, the composition breathes like a living organism, and each note is a pulsating heart, delivering musical emotion straight to the listener's heart. The composer demonstrates how virtuoso and smoothly this instrument can be played with the utmost professionalism. Melody and harmony intertwine in an incredible dance, creating pictures of the imagination, where each sound is the brush of an artist creating musical landscapes.

"Za Klavir: No. 11" will be the perfect addition to your playlist for relaxation and will hold a special place in your heart:


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