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Nikolai Tal “Saying Hello” - a curious, gentle ballad

“Saying Hello” by Nikolai Tal is a unique, curious piano-led ballad. Nikolai Tal is a side project pursued by German musician, Lunng Fern. Entangled with uncontainable wanderlust, he was drawn to pursue a life of travel and music. 

The one minute and fifty eight second piece is brief, gentle, and light hearted. Keenly named, “Saying Hello” is reminiscent of meeting someone new. The sway in the waltz-like rhythm feels conversational and the notes ring of innocence, while the dark undertones may hint at slight insecurities.  The large, empty room ambient feel of the song places the listener alone in their own thoughts and contemplations, making this multi-toned ballad as complex as humans are. 

Listen to this familiar exchange on Spotify: 


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