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Nick Syrett "Refuge" - an emotive piano piece of hope through trial

UK-born composer, now Kansas City resident, Nick Syrett is a seasoned ambient piano musician and meditative neoclassical artist who has written a rich tale with his work entitled, “Refuge”. 

“Refuge” is a beautiful piano-based piece that tells a story of persistence through struggle as hopeful notes represent a deep breath, a pause of uncertainty in a rare moment of peace. The piece yearns for solace and musters the strength to be its own source. Somber and careful, the notes tread lightly, yet in certain moments seem dutifully cheerful, but fail to mask specks of uncertainty. As the piece progresses, it becomes more assuring, growing in confidence or strength but holding its softness throughout. A caring and giving composition, “Refuge” embraces the hardships, feeling them deeply, yet stands undefeated to the finish, with its heart unshaken.  

To be uplifted through the unknown, listen to this comforting track here:  


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