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Nick Harkola ''Flood (Quarantine 07)'' - a quarantine-inspired piano piece

Nick Harkola is an American pianist who has released a quarantine-induced album, featuring a composition entitled ''Flood (Quarantine 07'', among others.

Subtle to begin with the composition evolves to become a fairly dramatic piece, taking in equal parts from classical and cinematic genres. The persistent arpeggio-based melodic elements ventures up and down the scale, improv-like and heavily reliant on dynamics. Harkola then throws in a theme change, which brings the song down from its dramatic cycle to a more contemplative tone, only to then return back into its fast pacing origins. Finishing elegantly on a combination of diminuendo and ritardando, the song leaves an overall good impression, fading subtly much like it began.

A solid attempt at creating an emotional experience, although we insist Nick Harkola tries again - then it should really shine. Here it is:


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