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Nicholas Baskerville "Pour Une Marguerite": A melodic and tranquil piano.

We present to your attention the composition "Pour Une Marguerite" performed by Nicholas Baskerville.

Nicholas was born in London, grew up in various parts of England and now lives near Paris. Whilst studying composition and performance at the British Conservatoire, he found himself drawn to writing orchestral and electronic music that seeks to convey what cannot be said in words. He has written music for plays and a little for television, as well as playing in orchestras. In 2020, after a long absence from music, he found himself writing contemplative piano music when the world stopped during a pandemic, and found himself in this music!

The composition "Pour Une Marguerite" evokes a sense of aesthetics and bliss, mesmerising the listener and immersing him in himself from the first to the last note. To listen to this work is to immerse yourself in a world where everything is possible, where emotions have no boundaries and words lose their meaning. This is not just music - it is a healing balm for the soul, reminding us that even in the darkest moments of life there is room for beauty and hope. It will be a wonderful addition to your holiday. relaxation and can stop the nervous system and vitality. Highly recommended!

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