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Nel Aique "Flow": An approachable mystery.

Nel Aique is a Spanish neoclassical artist, who's wonderfully illusive "Nel Aique" we are delighted to share with you today.

Written for an Una Corda (a contemporary piano featuring only one string per key, as opposed to three), the music wanders in on hypnotizing arpeggios, bringing up images of running water, passing clouds or other mobile wonders of nature. Occasionally wrapping up the phrases with a downward melodic element, the composer captures the listener in a kind of sonic spinning sphere, allowing one to move freely, but only within its constraints, which without notice - restrict an escape at will. That escape is soon enough provided by the composer, as he clearly has no intentions of keeping you stranded - just over 2 minutes later, the piece floats away as elegantly as it came, back into its mystifying domain.

Approachable, yet mysterious - listen up above.


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