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Neil Foster "Moonrise": In the heart from the first notes.

Neil Foster, composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist living in Ireland, comes to us with "Moonrise".

A true masterpiece of musical art from a master of his craft. Neil Foster skillfully creates compositions that get right to the heart from the first seconds. His compositions are pure, sincere emotions, underlined by professionalism of performance and quality of arrangement.

In the composition "Moonrise" very gentle high notes of the piano are combined with strings, which complete the atmosphere and send the listener somewhere far into space. For lovers of neoclassics, this is a real treat in its purest form. It is impossible to pass by such works.

The composition is perfect as a background for reading, meditation or a casual evening rest. This is not the first time Neil Foster has appeared on our blog, and we hope he will continue to delight us with his presence in the music industry for a long time to come!

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