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Nature Walk "Sun Shower": tranquil by default, intent and definition

How does a perfect submission sound? We get many, more each day and as we go it becomes more difficult to turn some of them down, but being perfectionists we owe it to ourselves, the universe and the artists to raise the bar as we go. "Sun Shower" by Nature Walk is something that stands out, but at the same time fits perfectly, here's how and why.

As much as we LOVE piano-driven tunes, this one doesn't feature the black'n'white keys. Instead, it makes great use of a clean, electric guitar, bass, drones, ambient glimmers and nature sounds, combining them all together into the most immersive and calming of musical endeavors in my recent memory. Completely in touch with the moment, the piece soaks you in it's loving intent, while gently entertaining you ear with it's non-aggressive, peculiar dynamic.

The band name, the track title, the sound, the everything about it is just ideal. Fall for it:


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