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Natasha Jaffe ''Stars & Galaxies'' -a delightful escapist string arrangement

Natasha Jaffe, who is a cellist/composer from Germany has recently released a magnificently calming cello arrangement entitled ''Stars & Galaxies''.

Suggestive of the title, the composition immerses the listener in its dreamy, escapist intent from the first bar. Composed around a strong classical/pop core, the instrument is played with immense amounts of feeling, introducing additional layers as the music progresses. By the time the song breaks out into a climax half way through it's runtime, the listener is already well seated in the intergalactic vessel and undisturbed by the sudden mild turbulence. On the contrary - the ride feels safe and delightful, supported by a skillful array of cello strings. The composition then return back to a free-glide, leaving the listener somewhere between at peace and in awe.

An absolutely delightful string arrangement, take a ride at the link below:


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