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Nafas x Little Symphony "Between": A meditative gem.

While meditative music may appear easy to make, it is safe to say that most of it is not exactly worth your time, neither does it understand anything about Zen. Few artists seem to really immerse themselves in the endlessness of the nature of existence and even fewer are able to translate that infinity into something audible. Nafas & Little Symphony seem to be able to do just that and more in their recently released "Between".

Immersive from the get go, the piece elaborates upon itself with beautifully played woodwinds, a palette of nature sounds and soothingly placed percussive element. Much like nature itself, the piece rushes nowhere yet achieves everything by the time it's finished - a statement to the creators' understanding of both the act of being, as well as music as an entity.

A true gem of meditative genre, here's "Between":


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