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Music Within ''Crossing Vast Oceans'' - ambitious neoclassical written with thought and heart

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Music Within is a project out of Toronto spearheaded by Rob McAllister. His recent release ''Crossing Vast Oceans'' is an ambitious piece of neoclassical music that shows skill, elegance and last but not least - intent to grow.

Composed with knowledge and confidence, the arrangement is very convincing from the get go. Despite following many of the text-book guidelines for writing neoclassical, the artist manages to create a unique mood armed with mesmerizing detail lingering across the mix. Neoclassical often comes off as melancholic, or moods of the like and while this composition too has a bit of a heavy heart, it is filled with so much courage and ambition, there is absolutely nothing sad about it, only uplifting and then some more.

Cinematic, charming and proper, enjoy this piece of work at the links below:


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