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Morgane Matteuzzi "Inner Voices": An Intense Vocal Mesmerizer.

Morgane Matteuzzi is a Swiss artist who has stirred out souls with a wonderfully intense vocal neoclassical endeavor entitled "Inner Voices".

Almost entirely acappella, the composer makes great use of several voices, combining them into a captivating, ever-evolving, complete musical experience. Although dark at it's core, the delivery is soaked in good intent, hope and determination, all of which are richly present in the folk/medieval undertones of this wonder. It takes a highly skilled singer to make the kind of harmonies work, but then again we read that Morgane Matteuzzi is a trained opera singer, which explains a whole lot. With deep ambient bass drones expanding the sonic spectrum, the composition reaches a peak, then - startles the listener with a drop that's both abrupt, but also necessary, as building the intensity any further might cause havoc.

Masterfully composed, flawlessly delivered and definitely worthy your time. Here's "Inner Voices":


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