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Montefalcone "Duvet": The new blueprint of arranging piano and strings.

Montefalcone is a Swiss neoclassical composer who's work we have been in close contact with before and are happy to see his masterful take on the genre return to our blog.

"Duvet" is a star in the genre and it shows from the early bars - swinging in on a catchy piano melody, the music instantly catches the listener's attention. Written around a strong classical/cinematic core, the piece switches the theme for a few bars, then returns to its main theme completed ever so gracefully with backing strings. The two entities now engage in a wonderous dance, completing and elevating each other in the same way that two lovers do. Madly rich in dynamics and elaborations, the composition - although just three and a half minutes long - feels (and is!) like a journey, a full blown experience, one to remember and one that teaches something important. As elegantly as it begun and grew, the arrangement ends quite abruptly but in a very classy way, signifying the mastery and musical prowess of its creator.

From now on when asked for a blueprint of arranging piano and strings, I will be pointing to this:


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