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MOJI ‘’Mysterious Kyoto’’ - original and loyal far-east musical gem

We love getting submission from Japan. In a globalized world it is only fair that the music is more eclectic than ever before, but nonetheless some artists remain loyal to their origins and manage to stay original while at it. MOJI is one of those artists who has recently released a track entitled ‘’Mysterious Kyoto’’.

Far-east down to it’s core, the music takes the best from the native folk music and combines it into a beautiful and catchy snack. We say snack, because the song is only 1min 40 second long, and yet despite the short duration, it manages to capture multiple several themes, introduce about half a dozen different instrument and stay on point while at it.

We can’t wait to hear more from MOJI and invite you to listen to ‘’Mysterious Kyoto’’ at the link below:


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