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Moises Daniel "Return to Innocence": a masterful cinematic arrangement

There's cinematic and then there's "Return to Innocence" by Moises Daniel - an angelic, neoclassical piece we are listening to today with nothing but delight and admiration.

As if pulled straight out of an animated film score, the ranks of "Spirited Away", the composition soaks you in it's good intent and an immersive, wordless story. Written around a strong classical core, the composition features mostly strings, supported by an ambient background which may, or may not include some brass instruments. Quite frankly, which instruments were used is unimportant, as the beauty of the piece overshadows any curiosity one may have in it's technical aspects. Delicate and elegant, but somehow solid and moving all at once - this composition is ought to be featured in a film, if it hasn't already.

An outstanding neoclassical endeavor, treat yourself:


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