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Misha Antonov "Semsem": Sounds and Feelings on the piano.

We present to your attention a composition by Misha Antonov called "Semsem".

Misha was born and raised in Russia, studied in Germany and currently lives and works in Bavaria. In addition to solo piano and church organ, Misha has toured and recorded with groups such as the jazz formation Angela Avetisyan Quartet, his electronic duo Minimalife, and singer-songwriter and oboist Miriam Hanika. Misha's playing combines aspects of pop, jazz, rock, electronic and classical music.

An interesting piece in the neoclassical genre, performed on the piano. The melody is swift impulsive and fast. The pianist's fingers move quickly across the piano, creating magic and a beautiful bouquet of notes. There are no words here, only music speaking directly from the author's heart. This work is uplifting, mesmerising and takes you to a world where there are no boundaries, but only boundless expanses of sounds and feelings. The composition "Semsem" lasts for four minutes, but we assure you that it will not make you bored for a second. The author has taken care of its variety and development. You will get a lot of aesthetic pleasure from this composition!

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