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Mischa Blanos "Crystal": On neoclassical wings towards the unknown.

Mischsa Blanos is a Romanian pianist who's most illusive and captivating piece entitled "Crystal" we are delighted to share with you today.

Taking off subtly on a twinkling melody atop a contemplative accompaniment, the pianist slowly yet confidently elaborates on the shape and form, taking the right-hand-played melody through an improv-like escapade of arpeggios, tremolos and crisp, very crisp harmonic deviations. Then, past the illusive ascendance, the piece - as if having punched through the clouds - elevates itself atop an endless deep horizon, gliding in slight turbulence but with ease and increasing fearlessness. Once fully in control of its course, the piece takes on rapid turns, confident in its ability to reach the destination - one which is left for the listener to imagine, as the piece fades out into the horizon with elegance and ease.

A beautiful musical neoclassical painting, let it in:



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