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Minismus "Skekzi": world-class epic music

Minismus is an American composer who's recent release "Skekzi" is an en eclectic, cinematic neoclassical endeavor we are happy to share with you today.

Picturesque, nerve-packed and mystifying from the get go, the piece sneaks in on rounded keys and a captivating string motive, cutting through the air with its razor sharp intent. The composer goes on to elaborate on this already epic arrangement with more strings and a mesmerizing Middle-East inspired vocal element. Having introduced all of the pillars along the dynamic course of this composition, the creator then brings them all together into a nerve-wrecking climax, contrasted by a following dynamic drop. The piece then walks the listener out of its picturesque domain, one sonic pillar at a time, leaving you mystified and curious.

World class epic music, as well as original and memorable. Here's "Skekzi":


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