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Minihi ''Hallowed Halls'' - a colab that will steal your heart

Minihi is a UK-based creative outlet of percussionists and composers Louise Anna and Zands Duggan. Their recent release ''Hallowed Halls'' is a beautiful intersection of ideas coming together into a one-of-a-kind indie/pop composition.

Taking off on a rhythm section that is as groovy as it is relaxing, it is not too long before the artists begin layering the beat with keys, xylophone, and enchanting female vocals sang in falsetto. The arrangement, despite being indie in so many ways, is actually very catchy. Avoiding atonality and making good use of dynamics, Minihi seem to have created something that we could categorize as a 'chill banger'.

Groovy down to it's core and beyond, we invite you listen to ''Hallowed Halls'' at the link below:

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