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Mikael Oterhals "Movements": A composition with a strong character!

The composition "Movements" by pianist and composer Mikael Oterhals from Uppsala, Sweden. He now lives in Stockholm and regularly creates new music in the classical genre. He previously studied classical music at university and participated in many different collaborations as a pianist and composer. He regularly puts on his own concerts and is involved in Swedish musical life in the form of musicals, showcases, choral concerts etc.

The composition has a very strong character, it is austere and confident, and its energy fills the space around the listener and holds his attention for the entire four minutes of the piece. "Movements" seems to have not only a relaxing effect, but also carries a motivational character. The melody excites and urges to action. A strong piece with a masculine energy and strong character.

If you feel you need a breath of energy, this is the place for you! This is what you need!

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