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Mika Forsling ''Smuldret'': seconds before the confrontation of the decade

Mika Forsling is a Danish neoclassical composer, who caught our ears with his peculiar, tip-toeing string arrangement entitled ''Smuldret''.

Intense and delicate all at once the music carries a strong cinematic core. Caught between two turning events, the seemingly random staccato notes have a slightly alarming undertone, as if trying to warn us of some oncoming danger. That very danger is, however, has been identified long ago and rather than falling into panic, the music prepares to meet its adversary, making the last of preparations to increase the chances of its victory in the oncoming stand off. As we deduct from the artwork, the piece does in fact serve a cinematic/theatrical purpose and was written as a score for a production of the kind.

Memorable, peculiar and very detail-oriented, give it a go:


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