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Mika Forsling "Moment": another intricate piece to the mysterious puzzle

Having recently debuted on our blog with "Smuldret", ''Moment'' is another piece from Mika Forsling's music score which we are listening to today.

Unlike his previous release, ''Moment'' is a much more patient and immersive piece, driven by hypnotizing elongated string and piano drones. Dramatic in its undertones, listening to this piece feels like walking through strange woods at night, with sky lit in stars above you. Continuously, though very patiently evolving, the piece lures you deeper and deeper into the woods, all to finally peak with a glimmering climax, as if having reached an open field after a lengthy stumble through the unknown, revealing the beauty of the sky uninterrupted by the eerie branches of the trees.

Another intricate, beautiful piece to the mystifying puzzle, which Mika's work seems to be:


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