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Michelle Qureshi "Skipping Stones": A nostalgic stunner

Michelle Qureshi is an American guitarist and composer who's melancholy-infused and equally crisp recent release entitled "Skipping Stones" we are listening to today.

Written for several acoustic guitars, the tune evokes a strong nostalgic feeling from the early bars, having you reminisce of your loved ones and 'the good days'. With feels now heavily at play, the composer elaborates on the elegant melody with catchy progressions, harmonics and theme changes, all of which collide beautifully and effortlessly into one another, elevating the song one charming elaboration at a time. Although technically simple, the delivery and arrangement leave no doubt as to the artist's musical prowess - it is evident that the music was composed with intent, knowledge and emotion too.

Simple made very, very beautiful. This is guitar music at it's finest, let it in:


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