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Michael Llewelyn Barker "The Wind Shifts": 'Promising' Spelled Out On A Piano.

Michael Llewelyn Barker is a British pianist/composer who's wonderfully brief, freshly released "The Wind Shifts" we are listening to today.

From the get-go it is evident that we are dealing with an artist who is not only talented, but also driven by intent and vision. Composed around a strong classical/cinematic core, the pianist paints a rather unique picture, one that is dramatic, intricate, but also equally soothing and complete. With a meditative left hand playing mostly drones, the elaborations delivered by the right hand are no short of stunning, showing musical prowess and great artistry in just over one and a half minute of this track's runtime.

We can't wait to hear more from this promising pianist, but for now here's "The Wind Shifts":


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