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Michael Llewelyn Barker "Fragmentations": A piano delivery from a nearby paradigm.

It's not the first time we are listening to Michael Llewelyn Barker's music and there reason for that is simple - this British pianist composes highly approachable pieces with a memorable, hypnotic element seemingly present in all of his creations.

"Fragmentations" is a classically rooted piano piece recorded in a peculiar way, as if at a distance, or in a kind of a dream. The pianist delivers a delightful, French-esque melody with light hands and a heart that's heavy and playful in equal portions. True to its nature and as unpretentious as it can possibly get, the music hypnotizes the listener with its persistent, enchanting qualities, leading you deeper into its wondrous domain with every next bar.

As charming as the piece arrives, as such it leaves, leaving the listener still in the clouds after its last chord has faded away from this a short visit in our dimension.

Dreamy, convincing and not at all underplayed despite its simplicity. Here's "Fragmentations":


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