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Metic ''Onward Together'': Hong Kong we love you

Let's not get too political. In fact let's not get political at all. We all know what's going on.

Instead, let's celebrate beauty, liberty of self and the freedom to express those things. In fact, we have just the tune to have that kind of celebration, brought to you by Metic who has charmed us with an ambient/pop instrumental called ''Onward Together''.

Much like the title suggests, the music projects a forward-oriented attitude, forgiving all that was and only asking to do better tomorrow. Written for guitar and piano interacting with each other in a charming duet, the soundscape is completed with sounds of water hitting the coast. Crisp and delightful, the composer quite clearly had goodness at heart, intelligence at mind and forgiveness at intent.

This is the kind of music that can make you cry tears of joy, let it in:


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