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Melany Thompson ''While It Rains (Felt Piano)'' - cozy (very cozy) piano music

Melany Thompson is an Australian pianist/composer who's recent release ''While It Rains'' is a charming piece of solo piano music complete with the soothing ASMR-like sounds of the instrument's body at work.

Written around a pop/classical core, the composition evokes a relaxed and loving mood, reminding you of home, bonfires and similar cozy environments. Finely composed, the arrangement is rich and elaborate - its melancholic undertones, as subtle as they are, tapping into your lonesome heart with grace and elegance. Recorded with plenty of close-mics, the recording caresses and gently tingles the ear with the shimmering sounds of the body and mechanics of the instrument, all the while the pianist flawlessly executes her musical agenda.

Easy-listening with a medal, let it linger:


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