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Melany Thompson "Distance": As free and never-out-of-place as clouds in the sky

Melany Thompson's recently released piano tranquilizer entitled "Distance" reminds us again just why we've grown to recognize the pianist's name with appreciation.

Tip-toeing it's way in on the softest of melodies, the piano - despite being calming beyond words - is played with a good dose of nerve, one which is notable in the rubatos present all across this composition. Whether or not by intention, the pianist quite accurately captures the elements of the artwork of this release, namely water and sky. The phrases of this composition seem to appear out of nowhere and although fairly spontaneous, they are never out of place - much like the clouds in the sky, or the waves in the sea - a statement to the artist's understanding and appreciation of universal beauty.

Perfect for a brief meditation session, a calm evening, or to start a day off. Here's "Distance":


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