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Megan Perry Fisher "Pensée i": Strings and piano in triangular rhythm.

We present the composition "Pensée i" by New York-based composer and pianist Megan Perry Fisher.

(At NYU she studied multimedia film directing and has written works for short films, fashion films, fashion shows, ballet, documentaries and commercials. She is drawn to projects that combine music and visual art.)

The composition "Pensée i" is written in a triangular rhythm, the rhythm of a waltz. The sound of the strings and the touch of the keys take us to the pinnacle of feelings, where each note is like a drop of dew on a rose petal, slowly rolling down and reflecting a world of infinite emotions. It begins gently, like the first ray of sunshine breaking through a thick fog. But then it blossoms into a virtuoso performance and develops, being supplemented with more and more new elements. The duration of the composition is three minutes, but you won't be bored for a second! Piano and string instruments communicate in a language that defies words, they create a symphony in which each instrument is a character in a great story. They speak of love, of loss, of joy and sorrow, of what has been and what will be!

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