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MEDITATION MIRACLES: Isaac R, Ethereal Silence, Manuela Verbeek

Similar to Piano Pearls, Meditation Miracles is a new section that celebrates the best of meditative music. Paired with it's own playlist, this section will attempt to pick out and compile the tracks that we believe will give you that peace of mind which we all need.

Isaac R is from France opens up the list with a recently released "Taara". This magnificent tranquil composition rests on finely produced ambient canvas, while gentle piano strokes paint an elegant, ornamental picture. Ideal for a meditative session:

Norwegian outfit Ethereal Silence just by the artist name screams relevance to what we are here for on Meditation Miracles. Their recently released "Creation Of Life" lives up to that expectation and beyond. Spearheaded by angelically calming piano, the piece is elevated by a subtle and very well balanced ambient backdrop. Ease away:

Manuela Verbeek takes the final spot on our first edition of Meditation Miracles with a recently released "Spring". Unlike the previous two, this piece stands out with a more cinematic core as well as strings - rather than piano - on the forefront. Similarly to the other two, the melodic effort is beautified by a stunning ambient backdrop, putting your busy mind to a meditative frequency like a boss:



Head over to our friends at - a new platform for musicians who are looking to get their music placed in playlists, ours inclusive. Follow our playlists:


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