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MDJ Matthias De Jaeger "Drifting a Way": if this doesn't move you - call 911, you're likely dead

Matthias De Jager, aka MDJ, is a Belgian pianist who has once before been featured on our blog and is now returning with another moving piece entitled "Drifting a Way".

Secretive and melancholic, the piano tip-toes its way in on a charmingly broken melody - harmonically coherent with the chords, but rhythmically broken up in a way that's honest, moving and musically masterful. One can't help but to see the sadness in all of this, but also it is quite evident that every bit of it is not only justified but also handled quite accurately - with honesty and strength of character. Elaborate and rich in it's composition, as well as delivery - this piece grabs you where you're soft and doesn't let go all throughout it's almost three and a half minute runtime.

This may have you shedding a tear and if it does, you will cherish it. Here's "Drifting a Way":


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