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Max Herman "Transfiguration": neoclassical meets ambient on a high-end avenue

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Max Herman is a neoclassical/ambient artist from UK who has already been featured on our blog twice and is now returning again with another flawlessly produced and immersive piece of music entitled "Transfiguration" - a result of his collaboration with Aaron Horn, a well-renowned musician and producer who's works have been credited platinum, among his other many talents and endeavors.

From the early bars of the track, it is evident that the artists know just how to approach the given genre. An ascending array of piano, string, drones and crisp distant ambient elements, all sweep into your domain with grace and delight, grasping your attention with high-end production and an immense attention to detail. An oncoming dynamic, well-balanced elaboration is a thrill too, causing your heart to beat a little faster and your consciousness to expand, oblivious to the notion of mortality and rather appreciating the existence of all that's ever been, is and will be and how it is all connected.

Although released almost three years ago, still very crisp and relevant today. Here's "Transfiguration":


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