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Mattia Cupelli ''Breaking - Rework'' - the beauty of sadness

Mattia Cupelli is no stranger to our blog and is certainly one of the pianists that we are more than happy to review again and again. His work - as reminiscent of classical classics as it may be - always carries an intricate note of originality and his recent release ''Breaking - Rework'' is no exception to that pattern.

While the piano weeps a melody that is without a doubt heavy-hearted and unapologetically sad, the gaps between the patient notes are beautifully stitched by an ambient background hinting flutes and strings, though too distant to really tell. The entirety of the composition is a brooding beauty that has made peace with it's fate. It brings an image of an aristocratic ghost, stranded in it's domain, but harmless to the outer world.

This kind of beauty is only found in sadness and we invite you let it in for a a minute (or three) at the link below:


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