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Matthias Krauss "Melody Island": A Blatantly Pure Source Of Light.

Matthias Krauss is a German pianist who's feather-light, glowing composition entitled "Melody Island" we are listening to today.

Written around a cinematic/pop core the music is soaked in melancholy and nostalgia, elegantly introducing the Disney-like melody with heaps of dreamy reverb. Each note - like a newly arrived star on a clear night sky - appears effortless and welcome, completing this wondrous sonic painting one source of light at a time. Although purely good in it's intent, the melody is by no means oblivious to the hardships of our existence, but rather than weeping about it, this composition blatantly casts a loving light upon all of it - the good, and the heavy.

Pure, undemanding and simply good, here's "Melody Island":


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