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Matthew Thomason "Aberfal": an ambience for your little universe

UK-based composer, Matthew Thomason, presents an ambient piece entitled “Aberfal,” the Cornish language for Falmouth, Cornwall where Thomason lives and writes. Written and recorded during the first national lockdown in the UK, “Aberfal” seeks to find some structure in the world by creating space and repetition.

This mind numbing ambience is eerily peaceful and calming as it soothes your mind of racing thoughts. Relaxing, as the piece is simple while aurally pleasing and stimulating, this track transforms your environment into your own little universe where only you exist. It is not lonely or sad, it is simply acknowledgement of existence, presence, and being. Find centredness, structure, and control of the mental process by resetting to the most basic level of being with “Aberfal”.

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