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Matt Tondut "Ashes to Oceans": A serene ambient masterpiece

Matt Tondut is definitely one of those names we have grown to recognize with appreciation. Coming out of Australia, this ambient/neoclassical producer seems to have both the high production skills, as well as a strong connection to universal beauty, both of which are reflected in his recent release "Ashes To Oceans".

Immersive from the get go, the track pulls you into it's tranquil domain with calming, mesmerizing drones, ambiance and an occasional distant piano note. The sonic waves are so well produced it is almost as you could touch them, right there in front of you, can you see them? While many beginners misinterpret the ambient genre for it's seeming simplicity, it is evident that Matt has done the work and developed the vital appreciation for detail - something that sets the mediocre and proper ambient tracks apart.

Divinely beautiful, perfect for meditation or just to unwind, here's "Ashes To Oceans":


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