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Matt Starling "Music for Nina": The proper kind of romantic.

Are you a romantic? I sure am and am wearing it too, because one - someone has to, and two - a romantic doesn't choose to be one, one just it. Now, when I say romantic, I do not the fidgety cheesy kind, but the kind that takes one's feelings seriously, not to mention the intensity at which those feelings come around.

Matt Starling, who's an American composer/producer, is also a romantic which shows in his recent release entitled "Music for Nina". This ambient ode to new found love is an beautifully immersive, contemplative and cherishing piece of music, quite accurately serenading the beginnings of a newly found love with an arrangement that is soaked in bliss, appreciation, but is also a bit unknowing and green in its spirit - sounds like new love, don't it? Finely composed for keys, the piece will immerse you in its pure, honest intent, then elegantly descend towards its ending, leaving you wanting to hug someone.

Put your hands up for proper romantics, here's "Music For Nina":


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